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The number of ultrasounds made during pregnancy differ per pregnant woman.

There are various indications for ultrasounds. A few are described below.


Overview of the ultrasounds

8-week ultrasound: this is the first time you will see the baby’s heart! At 8 weeks, the baby is still small, but the beating heart is already visible. In addition, we can also see whether there are one or two babies and whether the pregnancy is in the right place.

11-week ultrasound: this is the ultrasound to state the due date.

The baby has gone through a lot of changes in the past few weeks and can now be clearly identified on the ultrasound. The head, body and arms and legs can now be distinguished.

20-week ultrasound: this ultrasound is meant to check the baby’s development.

30/33-week ultrasound: it is possible to do another ultrasound at 30 weeks. This may be to check the placenta or to monitor the baby’s growth. If necessary, this ultrasound may be repeated.

37-week ultrasound: if there was no need for a 30-week ultrasound, this ultrasound is meant to check the position of the baby. Babies stop turning around this time, and the head should be facing done.

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