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Bleeding and miscarriage

1st trimester:

Blood loss at the beginning of pregnancy may have several causes. This type of blood loss is often harmless; the blood loss might be caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus, or it might be due to a blood vessel in the cervix bursting. The blood loss will stop by itself.


In other cases, the blood loss is caused by a miscarriage.

During a miscarriage, the implantation is rejected. The blood loss is often accompanied by menstrual-like cramps.

The cause of a miscarriage is almost always due to an abnormality in the chromosomes that occurred during fertilization of the egg.

This leads to a disruption at the start of the pregnancy, as a result of which the pregnancy cannot develop further.


What should you do in case of blood loss?

Inform the midwife, she can answer your questions and make an appointment for an ultrasound.

If you have severe abdominal pain, you may immediately inform the midwife.

Monitor the amount of blood loss. A miscarriage can cause blood loss, comparable to extensive menstruation. If you feel unwell or faint, call immediately.

If you have a fever, call the midwife.

Bleeding and miscarriage

2nd and 3rd trimester:

In case of blood loss later in pregnancy, after 16 weeks, it is recommended to call the midwife. She can assess the severity of this blood loss and schedule an appointment with you.

Miscarriage and blood loss

Period after a miscarriage

The period after a miscarriage

The physical recovery after a spontaneous miscarriage or a curettage is usually quick. There may still be some blood loss and/or brown discharge for one or two weeks afterward. The next menstrual period appears after approximately 4-6 weeks. Many women (including their partner) experience a difficult time emotionally. The processing of a miscarriage is different for everyone. A new pregnancy may be particularly exciting/tense after experiencing a miscarriage. Please contact the midwife on time for guidance.

Read more about experiencing a miscarriage here: deverloskundige.nl.

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