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The first check-up, the intake, and the first ultrasound of the pregnancy take place around 8 weeks of pregnancy.

This check-up is intended for you to be introduced to the practice, to ask all your questions, and to chart your health. The midwife will inform you about a healthy pregnancy and how to maintain this health.

If desired, the midwife can provide information about tests that can be performed to detect Down syndrome in children.

You will also receive a referral for blood tests. If you want to read more about this research, you can take a look here.


The first intake

This initial check-up takes about 40 minutes.

In summary:

  • We inform you about health during pregnancy
  • We ask you questions about your health, the health of your partner and both of your families
  • You can ask us anything about being pregnant
  • A blood test referral is provided
  • The first ultrasound is made!
  • We explain what to expect from the midwives during the check-ups

Would you like to read up on health during pregnancy? Then read the brochure: Pregnant!

Everything about the checks

Every check is different

In total, you will have fourteen check-ups during your pregnancy. In the early stages of your pregnancy, there will be more time between check-ups. Towards the later stages of your pregnancy, this will be every week.

Follow-up checks take less time, about 15 minutes per check-up on average.

During the follow-up checks, the midwife measures your blood pressure, discusses pregnancy complaints and answers questions. We also monitor the baby’s growth and listen to the heart.

We provide you with information to prepare you for childbirth and breastfeeding, all tailored to your personal situation and wishes. Because wishes regarding childbirth can differ, we will also take extensive time to discuss a possible birth plan with you.


Summary of the check-ups:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Monitoring the growth of the baby
  • Listening to the heart
  • Information on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period
  • Answering questions
  • Advice and tips on things to be arranged

Progress of the check-ups

(the number of weeks is approximate, this may differ per person)

To do
8 weeks
Intake and 1st ultrasound
Blood sample
11 weeks (optional)
Counseling prenatal screening
If desired, read through the Prenatal screening brochure
15 weeks
Register maternity care, register childcare
19 weeks
Check and 20-week ultrasound
Arrange acknowledgement of the unborn child at the municipality if you are not married (read more here) Request maternity package from insurance company
23 weeks
Sign up for pregnancy course if desired
27 weeks
Can you feel the baby moving every day?
30 weeks
Information evening about giving birth at the Franciscus Gasthuis
33 weeks
Check, discuss the birth plan and provide advice on the birth
Do you want to write a birth plan?
35 weeks
37 weeks
The birth may start from now on, is everything ready for the baby?
38 weeks
39 weeks
40 weeks
The due date!
41 weeks
Check and ultrasound of the amount of amniotic fluid
15% of pregnant women have yet to give birth You will speak with the midwives about what to expect in this final week
42 weeks

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