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Breech position

If your baby is in breech presentation, this means that the head is at the top of the belly. For the most part of the pregnancy, this is not a problem. However, the baby should start turning the head downwards in week 34.

Not all babies do this on their own accord; 3-4% of babies remain in breech presentation.

Giving birth to a baby in a breech presentation carries a little more risk. For that reason, the midwife will not supervise the delivery. The gynecologist will do this at the hospital. After being informed by the gynecologist, there are two options in the event of breech presentation: giving birth vaginally or via cesarean section.

Breech position

What can you do yourself?

Babies can still turn to a head-down position on their own accord right up until the end of the pregnancy, but this is less likely as the pregnancy progresses.

You can use acupuncture as a means to increase the chances of the baby turning. If you want to read more about Moxa therapy, you can take a look here.


If the baby is still in breech position at 34 weeks, the midwife will inform you about the possibility of an external version. With this technique, an attempt is made to turn the baby to the head-down position. Read more about the external version here.

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