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Pain management

Contractions hurt, there is no way around it. However, every delivery is different. Women experience pain differently. There are all kinds of ways to ease the pain; without medication, but also with medication.

Taking a pregnancy course can help you deal with the pain better. You will know what to expect, how to deal with the pain and what your partner can do for you. Of course, the midwife will be there to guide you.

For many women, it is enough to get a massage during labor and to take on different positions. Another great (labor) pain relief is a heat source, such as a hot water bottle, shower of bath.

Pain management during birth

Birth TENS

We also have a TENS machine (‘GeboorteTens’) at our practice. This device will stimulate the production of your own natural painkiller, endorphins. You will experience less pain this way.

You can also request the birth TENS through your health insurer.

Everything about pain management during delivery

Laughing gas during delivery

If you would like medication for the pain, there are several options.

For example, there is laughing gas/nitrous oxide available at Geboortecentrum Sophia. Nitrous oxide makes you sleepy, which makes you less aware of the pain. It does not take away all the pain, but it allows you to relax between contractions. The midwife is allowed to administer nitrous oxide, there is no need for a gynecologist.

Epidural and Remifentanil

There is also the option of an epidural. This is the most effective way of pain relief; if it is properly administered, you will no longer feel the contractions. The epidural does have side effects. For that reason, women who give birth with an epidural need to be accompanied by a doctor. The epidural is offered in all hospitals in the region. If you are already at Geboortecentrum Sophia, we will transfer you to Erasmus MC.

At Franciscus Gasthuis, you can also get pain relief through the drip. This will be Remifentanil, which makes you drowsy and sleepy, making you less aware of the pain. The gynecologist will take over the supervision of the delivery here.

Do you have any questions about pain management during delivery? Please indicate this during your check-up. The midwife will provide you with more information.

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