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Location of the delivery

At home, at the hospital or at the birth center? Recent research has shown that the location of delivery does not affect its safety. It is important that you give birth where you feel comfortable. It has a positive effect on childbirth if you can relax as much as possible, and that is done best in a place where you feel well.

Location of the delivery

Possible locations with Zwanger&Zo

At the midwifery practice Zwanger & Zo, you have the following options for the location of your delivery.

  • At home
  • We would like the ‘delivery room’ to be easily accessible. This means, preferably on the ground floor or first floor or on a floor with an elevator.
  • Geboortecentrum Sophia
  • Franciscus Gasthuis

Please note: you must pay a personal contribution for childbirth at the hospital or birth center. The amount of this contribution depends on your health insurance.

Do you have any questions about your delivery, or do you have any doubts about where you want to have the delivery? Please discuss this with the midwives.

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