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37 weeks, contracties can begin!

It’s almost time! The due date is approaching, but some babies do not want to wait that long. Starting from week 37, babies are big enough to be born. They no longer have to stay in the hospital.

You have discussed with the midwife when to call when birth starts. In line with your wishes, you have created a birth plan with the midwife.


Just to make sure:

  • If you think you are in labor but you are not yet 37 weeks pregnant, do not wait too long to call the midwife: 06-232 95 662.

Signs are: abdominal pain, water breaking and/or blood loss.

  • When you have passed the 37 weeks, you do not have to call immediately when the first signs of labor appear. Please note: in case of doubt, uncertainty or questions, you can always call!

The labor can start with contractions or ruptured membrane (water breaking). You will be informed when to call this in during one of the check-ups.

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