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Who are we?

For personal and expert guidance during your pregnancy, birth and maternity period, you are very welcome with us. Our practice is behind Rotterdam Central. Here the office hours are held, the echoes made and courses given. Four enthusiastic midwives are available 24 hours a day to guide you. Read the experiences of others on Zorgkaart Nederland

Where can you
find us?

The practice is located at the rear of Rotterdam Central Station. The practice is easily accessible by public transport (tram, metro, train).

Paid parking applies in the whole area around the practice. Parking place P&R Proveniersplein of Q-park is just behind our practice.

There are also a few parking spaces in front of the practice, on Proveniersplein.

The team of zwanger & zo

Meet the team!

When you come to Zwanger & Zo, we will always be there for you.


Marieke Bijl

Midwife and ultrasound technician

BIG: 29914417603


Stèfanie Raven


BIG: 69909833803


Cynthia Enthoven


BIG: 59917512503


Janna Prüst

Acting Midwife

BIG: 59922426503


Evi Gülich

Acting Midwife

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Kelly Spoorendonk


Angelica Pattes



What services
do we offer?

You can go to Zwanger & Zo for guidance during your pregnancy, birth and maternity period. At Zwanger & Zo we work with a team of enthusiastic obstetricians. You can choose to have the pregnancy checks carried out by 1 permanent midwife. You can also opt for the flexibility of checks on different days, in which case you will meet several midwives from the team.
The echoes are made at the same location. Pregnancy yoga and breastfeeding counseling also take place at the practice.
Do you enjoy receiving homeopathic counseling during pregnancy? This is also possible!
We are experienced in the practice of supervising childbirth at home, but we also like to visit the birth center or Franciscus Gasthuis. Would you like to give birth in the bath? This is possible!
The midwives will support you during the checks by writing a birth plan if you like.
After the births, we come home to supervise childbirth.
Do you have questions about our service? Feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you further.

The ultrasounds take place at the practice. The first time you see your baby is around 8 weeks of pregnancy! If you want to read more about the ultrasounds, please read here .

During the pregnancy we perform checks on you and the baby. Want to read more? Then click here


Do you have questions or uncertainties between appointments? Feel free to call or email us, we are happy to help!

Well prepared for the pregnancy, on the way to delivery? Click here.

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You can contact us without obligations. We are happy to have your pregnancy together if it feels good for everyone.