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Bath births are also possible

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Skilled, pleasant and outgoing team of enthusiastic midwives. The midwives take the time, answer your questions, and are easy to reach on all days of the week.

Located behind Rotterdam Central Station

All ultrasounds during your pregnancy in your trusted environment

Relaxation is essential. Yoga with or without a partner

We think breastfeeding is important. Get good advice from us.

We understand that you have questions

What to do when you are pregnant?

So much comes at you and we have the answer to all your questions. Below the most frequently asked questions.

Is the answer on one of your question not on the website? Send us a email!

An established name in Rotterdam Center for 10 years, but ...

What do others say about us?

We think that our involved approach during your pregnancy fits in well with your wishes, but do others actually think so?

“The service was excellent. My project has been completed in time and on the highest level.”
Joyce Doe
“Thank you, guys! I’m very satisfied with your work. I’m going to return to you with my next idea.”
Merry Green
“Upmine team is awesome! Their creative ideas were perfectly implemented. I’m very pleased!”
Jhon Wick

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You can contact us without obligations. We are happy to have your pregnancy together if it feels good for everyone.